My favorite way to make polymer clay

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You like handmade accessories!

Want to give somebody a present!

  I advise you to use polymer clay
it will cost you not more than 5$
then you can make UN limited presents  .

Well now you can make homemade clay using simple household ingredients . Clays house air dry easily so that they should not be heated in an oven to harden. While clays home are not the same as polymer clay store bought, they can work well for shaping many articles if prepared and used correctly. (FYI: Not polymer clay polymer clay is PVC plastic, oil-based, can not be manufactured under strict conditions, and will never dry / harden in the air as dry clay So no air house house clays are polymer clay ...)

-          1/2 cup of white glue for wood
-          Cup of starch
-          Pot
-          Spoon of Vaseline
-            Mix these quantities be until mold able paste
-          Add colors as needed as you wish


-          Keep it in plastic sacs
-          Leave it for 4 hours before use


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