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Here's thing I know for sure ... no matter how big your house is, you need more storage!

Storage Ideas 

Sometimes we are stuck in our homes, completely at a loss for how to use our time.
at Home

You like handmade accessories!

Want to give somebody a present!

Millions of people around the world are making money this way, and its widely understood that the Internet is a quick and effective resource for many lucrative activities. Whether you are an owner of a private enterprise or a free agent,
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Making toys at home is a great way to reduce waste, as well as inspiring your children to use their imagination

6 ways

No clothing that can get you better than the one you design yourself define. So if you really want to stand out with the garment that fits your personality,

Design  Your  Shoes

  What to do when that favorite eyeshadow breaks and it is impossible to use? Don't freak out! Broken makeup has a solution! Learn how

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadows

Whenever we have empty cereal boxes, the first thing I do is to cut two faces (front and back) diagonally halfway towards one end. That is all you need to do to start reusing them.

Recycl Cereal Boxes

I love polymer clay. There is just so much you can make with this stuff.

I can make many handmade gifts under 5$ 

your own  Jewelry

We are trying to apply 
some of the ideas of others, and we believe it can be easily implemented
But what happens is as follows