Free Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

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Sometimes we are stuck in our homes, completely at a loss for how to use our time.
at Home

Maybe we feel we have too many options to even begin to identify a down, Or perhaps we feel that we have too little because of a lack of time or resources. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways we can entertain at home for free or on a budget. Having fun does not necessarily mean forking over loads of money. Here is a list of creative ideas to you have a good time without leaving your home.

Take a covered picnic-

Set a picnic blanket and basket of food and eating your dinner like having a picnic. Just having variety in your family life brings you closer together as a family unit. Events like this are often the catalyst for a fun filled evening.

Having a Christmas party In the summer-

Set up Christmas decorations and have a Christmas celebration during the summer. Before this event, buy some Christmas gifts to give to an organization that accepts donations for families in need at Christmas. Having wrapping paper at hand. Wrap gifts, while thinking of the joy they bring some little girl or boy at Christmas. This serves to make your family aware of others. Everyone in the family will be excited when Christmas comes and they can donate the gifts you wrapped in the summer. It is unique to have a Christmas party during the summer.

Halloween Any Day -

Don’t even look at old costumes. Borrow a random piece of clothing from a family member with no fashion sense and add accordingly. Random accessories will turn you from boredom to a superstar or Mickey Mouse!

Learn to dance-

Everyone has a favorite music video that makes them laugh. Why not understand how to do the movements in it. With some friends and a few tries, you'll have the routine down.

scream out your window the first thing that pops your into your mind :D

.Watch horror movies

Make a video and post those videos on youtube.

Talk about inside jokes, and the past; talk about how you guys met
Take turns writing a story, one person writes a line, switch- next person writes one line in correspondence to the previous, and in the end, read it out loud. it should be funny
Watch a romantic comedy
Watch old reruns of favorite shows
Write a parody of a favorite song.

Make future plans with your friends (example: I will go to Egypt with my friend
.. ).
Draw a picture of your dream house
Make a tent. sounds childish, but it's still a lot of fun, and a good way to consume time
Write a song.

Learn to dance-

choreograph and post on youtube.
play childhood-favorite games, like duck-duck goose. (sounds weird, but it's really funny

Learn to dance :D-

Prank call your crush. or a friend's boyfriend.

Jam to your favorite music

Prank call somebody

hope that spend good time.

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